60 Years of Airfix Kits

I recently received a review copy of Sixty Years of Airfix Models, another fine addition to the growing library of books about the famous British kit manufacturer. As most enthusiasts will know, Jeremy stood up to the plate, taking over as editor and publisher of fanzine Constant Scale in 1999 (founder John Wells having started this august publication in 1994).

It is fitting therefore that this new book is written by a true fan. Jeremy not only fits that category very well but his encyclopaedic memory and impressive archive of facts and figures about Airfix mean that the author leaves no stone unturned as far as detail is concerned. Consequently, this book includes very useful chapters about the varied types of logo and styles of packaging in which the famous kits have been sold since the company’s inception in the nineteen-fifties.
Sixty Years of Airfix Models is available from The Crowood Press (ISBN: 9781847979759)
RRP £25 although discounted editions can be purchased from The Crowood Press of via the Airfix Collectors Club website:
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