Roughing it with Airfix

I thought it worth sharing a couple of Airfix box top/catalogue roughs that were given to me recently by my friend Peter Allen. As many kit fans will know Peter is the designer of many classic Airfix kits, most notably perhaps, both the 1:12 Bentley and 1:24 Harrier Superkits. 
Both artworks are anonymous. The Airfix North American Harvard II was first released in 1964 but I think this one relates to the 1978 rerelease which included variants for an RAF Boscombe Down machine, one of three kept there at the time.
Airfix released their Britten Norman Islander in 1972, following it with a Defender variant in 1976. This rough proves that in the late nineteen-seventies Airfix seriously considered releasing a version of the aircraft as used by the Red Devils Free Fall Team. The Airfix Tribute Forum reveals that in response to a request for a Red Devils variant from an enthusiast s as recently as October 2008 the company said that they had  “no plans to release these kits but we do keep a record of all customer requests and suggestions, which we do take into consideration when planning all future ranges.” I wonder if the Airfix Customer Care representative knew that nearly 30 years earlier Airfix did indeed have plans for such a kit and had even gone to the trouble of making a box top rough of the potential model!

Airfix Harvard II.jpg
Airfix box top rough Islander anon 100 dpi cropped copy.jpg