The Sea King makes waves

Dinky No.724 was a fine replica of Sikorsky’s SH-3 Sea King helicopter. Liveried in a white and dark blue scheme, it came complete with a nice set of US Navy decals and, of course, a delightful Apollo capsule with an opening hatch which revealed three crewman. Upon its introduction in 1971 this replica sold like hot cakes, but by 1974, when it was withdrawn from the range, people had become quite blasé about Moon landings and sadly interest in NASA and, as a result, space toys, waned.
Two versions of Dinky’s model were available. The earliest type came in a cardboard box, later editions in a transparent blister pack. Ironically, because the latter packaging material was prone to discolouration and cracking the older, boxed versions are easier to find in good condition.
The full size helicopter was introduced into service in 1961 and broke records because it was the only amphibious helicopter in the world. This unique virtue made it ideal for the maritime recovery of NASA capsules which it did starting with the Mercury-Atlas programme in 1962, continuing with Apollo into the 1970s.

Dinky 274 Apollo Sea King contents close 100 dpi SQ square cropped _0271 copy.jpg