Getting to grip with the coronation

Coronation hair grips_0151 100 dpi cropped copy.jpg

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on 2 June 1953, more than a year after the death of her father, King George VI, tradition holding that such celebration was inappropriate during the period of mourning following the death of a monarch.

It was the first coronation to be televised in the United Kingdom and over 20 million viewers managed to see it on TV, with dozens crammed around a shared set, so rare were they in Britain in those days. With only five permanent transmitters in 1953, the nation’s infrastructure had to be urgently upgraded so more people could receive the signal and temporary transmitters had to be installed on the flatbeds of lorries. A TV boom naturally followed, with the number of TV licences shooting up from a mere 700,000 in 1952 to 1,100,000 in 1953. The introduction of ITV in 1955 was a direct consequence of this surge of popularity.

I bought these commemorative hair grips (bobby pins in the US) in Northumberland whilst visiting my friends Kris and Dave. £5.00 well spent I think.