Hot Rod Classics

Some historians claim that the term ‘Hot Rod’ is derived from the fact that originally, many of the older vehicles forming the basis of souped-up customizations after being mated with powerful engines were... stolen! Whatever, Hot Rods definitely originated in America. 
There can be few greater stars of this genre than Tommy Ivo, actor and drag racer. Famous for the nitro burning Slingshot and the Showboat, a four-engined four-wheel-drive exhibition dragster, in 1964, together with Don Garlits, Dante Duce and other stars, Ivo’s participation in the First International Drag Festival (held on the runways of five RAF airbases) did much to promote drag racing in the UK.
Ed Roth was another legendary customizer. Artist, pinstriper and creator of hot rod icon Rat Fink, Roth created The Outlaw in 1959. In 1962 Roth began a long relationship with Revell, who manufactured many of his hot rods as well as replicas of some of his wilder creatures like Brother Rat Fink, Drag Nut and Mr, Gasser. When I visited Revell’s famous Morton-Grove factory outside Chicago in 2004 for my book Classic Kits, I learned that Mr Roth often accepted payment in kind, Revell sending him consignments of kits which he then signed and sold on at auto gatherings.

Revell Tommy Ivo's Showboat 100 dpi cropped copy_0445.jpg
Revell Ed Roth's Outlaw 100 dpi cropped _0446 copy.jpg