Green Beret

Aurora’s 1:8 scale Green Beret kit dates back to 1966, predating John Wayne’s ‘The Green Berets’ movie by two years.
Since their establishment in 1952, when they evolved out of close cooperation between the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and the Pentagon’s Special Operations Division of the Psychological Warfare Staff (OCPW), US Special Forces have served in Vietnam, El Salvador, Panama, Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo,1st Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Despite receiving a mauling from critics, especially as its release coincided with the Tet Offensive, which revealed the North Vietnamese as a very formidable foe, in direct contradiction to their portrayal in the movie, ‘The Green Berets’ proved a box office success. 
However, unlike the movie, which is not very well regarded, Aurora’s fifty-year-old kit of a Green Beret has more than stood the test of time as testified by the prices commanded by mint-in-box (MIB) examples today.

Aurora Green Beret Box & contents 100 dpi cropped0432 copy.jpg