Created by a collector for collectors.

As a life long collector I established Collectingfriends to meet a need - to provide a website for other collectors that was produced by someone who understands their passions. I'm particularly passionate about Airfix, the famous British plastic construction kit company, and I have written several books about this long-established brand. However, I am also very interested in vintage toys and militaria, having also written books about these topics too. So I know what drives collectors. As design graduate, I also take all the photographs used in my books and which appear here on Collectingfriends.

Items become collectable because they are in limited supply but there is still a real demand for them. Consequently many old toys, army badges, flying helmets, posters and numerous other items of printed ephemera plus, of course myriad other commodities, have dramatically increased in value. It is a comfort then for collectors to know that many of the things they have worked so hard to source and then acquire are now worth much more than they paid for them. Collecting can be an investments. Collectingfriends will tell you how much articles are worth and also provide a guide to condition and availability.

We all know that mint and boxed is best but sometimes things are so scarce that even a loose, unpackaged item can be a real find. Sadly, commerce and duplicitous behaviour can become cosy bedfellows and Collectingfriends will point out fakes from originals.  Repro items sold as such are all well and good but things passed off as authentic when they are copies, however good, are to be avoided.

Collectingfriends is also a forum where fellow collectors can exhibit their prizes, be that a rare antique or a model, such as a single figure or more elaborate diorama, can be shared with fellow enthusiasts. At the end of the day Collectingfriends will be what it its contributors make it, welcome aboard!